Deskit was designed to fit any process for any department. Whether you do a Menu Presentation, Step-sell, or a Flow, we can accommodate. We allow for personalized FSM templates and do Touch Screen or Paper Presentation.


We work with all Warranty Providers and OEM Aftermarkets. Drag and drop or have pre-made templates. Want to add an OEM item and your regular warranty items and do on-the spot truncation? Done.


What separates us from the other Desking tools? We have F&I and Inventory so we can actually deliver the vehicle with laser-printed Bills of Sale. This allows you to replace the clunky Retail tools that also do this. 😉


Once you’ve done your Business Office selling, we even make life easier from there. We create your warranty contracts and even push all the Back-End Sales info to your Warranty Provider’s E-Portal. Double-entry is so 5 years ago.

Some More F&I Features

  • Sell all OEM Warranties
  • All Canadian Warranty companies
  • E-Contracting
  • Push to Provider’s E-portal for less double-entry
  • All Presentation types
  • Use Multimedia to assist presentation
  • Truncate payments in seconds
  • Create templates for any occasion
  • Print Bill of Sale & Deliver