First let us just say that we are very pleased with the menu system, we have definitely seen a jump in our back end gross.

Last month we broke $1750 average per copy on 345 retail units, only 60% finance!!
Dave Gardiner, Director of Financial Services, Wilson’s Better Used Cars
Overall we have seen a 37% lift in vehicle sales… [and] 55% increase in F&I’s Per Vehicle Averages (PVA).

Over and above their increased personal revenue, our FSMs appreciate the ease with which they can submit a deal to Dealertrack and Route One and the amount of time they save doing paperwork using the e-contracting in Deskit.
Virginia Temple, VP of F&I, Auto IQ
Very easy program for the sales staff and managers to structure a deal and present numbers to the Customer, the deal is simply handed over to the F&I Manager to present F&I options in a menu format. With a menu process it can be Tailored to the customers need and allow for all products to been consistently presented to every client every time.

Unless your on a system that you can easley load in the client, built the deal, complete the F&I presentation and push directly into Dealer Track without having to keep re keying everything…you need Deskit.
Sam Fairhall, Dealer Principal, Wellington Motors
Tied in well with our CRM, speeded up the process of serving numbers, … so customers didn’t [have to] wait.

… get a demo to see it’s superiority!
Joan Bergey, Controller, Wheaton Honda