Customized to whatever Sales Process you desire.

We integrate with all tech, so we’re able to save you and your customers a ton of time.

More Gross. Higher CSI. Happier Customers. Happier Sales Team.​

And a Future-Proof dealership.



DealerCorp Solutions, a cutting-edge automotive software company is pleased to announce the launch of their revolutionary Digital Retail platform.


An amazing new add-on that lets your Controller or Accounting balance out the deal using your chart of accounts and then pop directly in to DMS Accounting!


We want to make this as painless as possible for all departments, so we developed our own OCR piece. Drag and drop all your Inventory Invoice PDF’s in to our folder and let the system stock in your vehicles perfectly!


deskit is designed to fit any dealership process, whether it’s Salesperson direct Quoting, Touch Desk, pushed from CRM, using a Touch Screen, or Paper Presentation, we can accommodate.

Always to the penny with OEM Programs pre-loaded, we can do multiquote, Lease & Finance, Cash, and everything else you can imagine to streamline your process and reduce double-entry.


We integrate with everyone. CRM’s, DMS’s, Warranty Providers, OEM Programs, vAuto, CarFax. We play nicely with everyone. No politics. More Info Here


Looking to upgrade your tired old Sales Solutions that hasn’t innovated in years and has terrible support? Our system delivers the vehicle, which means we can replace any solution.


How do you want to present payments in Sales and F&I? Touch screen, tablet, desktop, paper presentation, multiquote, F&I Menu, Step-sell, Digital Signature, we do it all.


Our dealers all say the same thing. Our support is next level. From implementation to ongoing support, we are all over you.

Some More DESKING Features

  • Receive deals from CRM
  • Integrates with DMS
  • Multiple finance and/or lease payments
  • OEM Programs included, with stacking logic – Rates, Residuals, Rebates, etc.
  • Add leg on the fly or pre-loaded
  • Live Desking with Tablet functionality
  • Or Paper Presentation
  • Mobile Desking
  • Remote Desking – Webleads, etc.
  • Print Bill of Sale & Deliver
  • Blended rates auto-calculate


Where most Retail Sales Solutions (Desking) fall short is their inability to sell Business Office Products, print contracts, and deliver the vehicle. This mean their CRM has to push a deal in to their DMS’ F&I module for F&I, then print out contracts on an expensive printer.

F&I Module allows for any type of Business Office selling – Menu, Step, or Flow – with touch screen capability, pre-made FSM-specific templates, Point of Sale videos and PDF’s, and we work with all Warranty Providers, OEM Warranties, or anything else you might add to a deal.


Deskit was designed to fit any process for any department. Whether you do a Menu Presentation, Step-sell, or a Flow, we can accommodate. We allow for personalized FSM templates and do Touch Screen or Paper Presentation.


We work with all Warranty Providers and OEM Aftermarkets. Drag and drop or have pre-made templates. Want to add an OEM item and your regular warranty items and do on-the spot truncation? Done.


What separates us from the other Desking tools? We have F&I and Inventory so we can actually deliver the vehicle with laser-printed Bills of Sale. This allows you to replace the clunky Retail tools that also do this. 😉


Once you’ve done your Business Office selling, we even make life easier from there. We create your warranty contracts and even push all the Back-End Sales info to your Warranty Provider’s E-Portal. Double-entry is so 5 years ago.

Some More F&I Features

  • Sell all OEM Warranties
  • All Canadian Warranty companies
  • E-Contracting
  • Push to Provider’s E-portal for less double-entry
  • All Presentation types
  • Use Multimedia to assist presentation
  • Truncate payments in seconds
  • Create templates for any occasion
  • Print Bill of Sale & Deliver


A real Desking/F&I Solution needs a great Inventory module. Without it, you’re desking deals on vehicles that aren’t priced right, don’t have the right options, or don’t host your Inventory. Are you able to search by package, option, exclusions, price, etc?

Are you able to build a phantom vehicle (Dealer Trade) from scratch WITH ACCESSORIES and be confident it prices correctly with gross? What about the accessories that are residualized? Does it pull CarFax, push to vAuto, have RO info, and syndicate?


Inventory is a MASSIVE part of daily life and selling at any dealership and proper management is essential. We can pull your Inventory from anywhere or we can host and syndicate from Deskit. Easy to use with all make/model/trims and accessories…


Are you selling a vehicle that’s not in stock? We can easily build a vehicle right down to the accessories and options in seconds with MSRP and Invoice info. Build and Desk deals on Dealer Trades in no time.


Simply showing all the OEM programs isn’t enough. We show all Programs with Rates, Rebates, and Residuals. The Rebates even have the stackability built-in to keep you out of trouble. All your Captive and regular lenders are built right in and easily accessible.


We can pull Inventory from anywhere and have some time-saving integrations. We can pull Factory Window Stickers right in for each vehicle, we have all CarFax Reports accessible or retrievable, we pull open and closed RO’s, and we can push and pull with vAuto.

Some More INVENTORY Features

  • CarFax Integration
  • Integrates with DMS
  • Pulls your vehicle images
  • Pull factory window stickers
  • Attach files to any vehicle
  • Open & Closed RO’s from DMS
  • See recalls
  • Easy Build & Price to spec with pricing
  • Syndicate to any 3rd party
  • Tracks all pending deals on all vehicles